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Beard care

Creams, oils and sprays. Beard are the order of the day and we´ve developed a number of products to nourish them and make them silkier.
Barbers are increasingly offering services for beards and there are even some traditional ´barbers´ shops.
Beard care products are pleasant to formulate; they are essentially care products but are often a pleasure for men to use - products designed exclusively for men that their wives won´t nick in the bathroom!
Oils are very popular and come in several fragrances, some more unusual than others; some of our customers come to us with quite bizarre requests.
Our development laboratory has developed a range of oils with new fragrances for the US market.

Sprays are designed to care for, nourish and strengthen, stimulate growth and prevent hair loss.
Creams are used more by men who find oils a little too greasy even when used in very small quantities.